The Impact of Exercise Interventions on Balance in Perimenopausal and Early Postmenopausal Women
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The Impact of Exercise Interventions on Balance in Perimenopausal and Early Postmenopausal Women


Menopause significantly impacts women's balance, increasing their risk of falls. A systematic review and network meta-analysis aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of different exercise interventions on improving balance in perimenopausal and early postmenopausal women, thereby aiding in the reduction of fall risks.

The review included 26 studies. Analyses of various balance measures showed that whole-body vibration, resistance training, balance training, and their combinations significantly enhanced balance performance compared to non-exercise controls. Specifically:

  • Whole-body vibration showed the most substantial improvement in Berg balance scale performance.
  • Resistance training combined with aerobic and balance exercises improved one-leg stance measures.
  • Whole-body vibration was effective in reducing anterior-posterior and medio-lateral postural sway and fall indices.


Exercise interventions, particularly whole-body vibration, resistance, and balance training, significantly improved balance in perimenopausal and early postmenopausal women and should be considered as a critical component of menopausal care strategies to reduce fall risks.

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