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Research Insights on Natural Relief
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Research Insights on Natural Relief
What Makes MenstrEaze Different
Diverse Options: A range of holistic remedies and products is designed to suit various scenarios, preferences, and ease of use
Personalized: Our AI-driven Care Program ensures a comfortable, supportive experience tailored to your journey, accessible anywhere and anytime
Trustworthy: With thousands of academic studies analyzed, all the solutions are built on top of research studies or publications
Confidence: Our 45-day satisfaction guarantee demonstrates our commitment to you
Who is MenstrEaze for
Period Pain Natural Relief
Soothe cramps with our gentle, natural pain relief support
PMS Natural Relief
Ease your PMS symptoms naturally for a smoother cycle
Mood Swings and Anxiety Support
Find balance and calm during hormonal fluctuations
Natural Hormone Balance
Support your hormonal harmony the natural way
Period Digestive Health
Gentle support for digestive comfort during your cycle
Long-Term Menstrual Health
Invest in your long-term menstrual wellbeing with our support
The Science Behind
Some nutrients, such as magnesium, vitamin D, and calcium, can help alleviate menstrual pain and discomfort. They do this by easing PMS symptoms, managing antioxidants and calcium levels, and boosting serotonin production, which affects mood and pain.
Healthy Fats
Omega-3 fatty acids, especially from sources such as flaxseed oil and salmon, may aid in alleviating menstrual discomfort due to their anti-inflammatory properties.
Chamomile, chaste tree, and raspberry leaf are used for menstrual relief: chamomile for sleeplessness and anxiety, chaste tree for balancing hormones and reducing PMS, and raspberry leaf for managing heavy flows and regulating cycles.
Aromatherapy, gaining recognition for pain management, leverages the human olfactory system to foster relaxation and potentially alleviate pain non-pharmacologically.
Engaging in regular physical activity boosts endorphin levels, which can regulate hormone balance and promote anti-inflammatory responses, contributing to holistic PMS relief.
Music Therapy
The concept of 'music-induced analgesia' offers numerous benefits without adverse side effects. Research has revealed that music is not just an auditory pleasure but also a potential remedy for menstrual pain.
Negative Food List
By avoiding these types of foods, such as processed foods, sugary foods, or high-sodium foods, individuals may experience reduced inflammation, more stable energy levels, and fewer severe menstrual symptoms.
Hormone Regulations
Hormone regulation is vital for a healthy menstrual cycle because hormones control everything that happens during it. When hormones are balanced, periods tend to be regular and less uncomfortable.
Cognitive Transformation
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a widely used therapeutic approach, helps individuals manage mood-related symptoms during their menstrual cycles by changing negative thought patterns and behaviors
You Deserve Better Periods
Rooted in the philosophy that "You Deserve Better Periods," MenstrEaze, hailing from Silicon Valley, offers AI-driven, scientifically-supported personalized care for women's menstrual health, blending advanced technology with proven science.
About Us
Supported by
As a science and technology-driven startup, bolstered by our dedicated and specialized team, we are committed to revolutionizing women's menstrual experiences through personalized, science-based, and AI-enhanced care. We are proud to be supported by industry giants Amazon, Google, and Microsoft through their exclusive startup programs. This support is pivotal to advancing our technological innovations, enabling us to develop and refine solutions that improve health outcomes and enhance the quality of life for women around the world.
Social Commitment
Women's health research continues to be under-served and under-funded. We pledge to donate one cent from every dollar spent on purchases to non-profits tackling these challenges.
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